Dynamic Warm-up vs. Stretching

Larry Starr at Newk's

Larry Starr at Newk’s

Larry Starr, professional athletic trainer for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team and the John Newcombe Fantasy Camp, writes, “Stretching prior to playing has always been a mainstay in tennis and all athletic activities. It was felt that you needed to ‘stretch’ the muscles to prepare them for whatever sport you were to undertake, including tennis. But the current philosophy among professional trainers is different.” Continue reading

Getting Calmer

calmThere are many factors that go into being “successful” on the tennis court… your shot making ability, your power, your conditioning, and (maybe most important) your mental ability. Being able to stay calm on the tennis court (between and during points) can play a big role in how you play. Continue reading

Sweeping The Lines

SONY DSCThere are probable very few weird people like me who have wondered “What is the most efficient walking path to use when sweeping the lines after playing on a clay court?”

Well, Naples tennis friend (and retired engineer) Jack Moter is one of those people! He writes…. Continue reading