Ball Breakers

ballsNaples tennis friend George Morton was watching a doubles match in the City of Naples tournament and in a third set tie-breaker at match point, the returner missed the return but called a let due to a “broken ball.” They had some discussion, replayed the point, and the returners won it and the match; but was it the right call? Continue reading

The Third Ball

ballA reader question: “During a USTA singles match, my opponent wanted me to hold the third ball while she was serving. I refused, saying the balls should be on her side of the court while she was serving. She said she didn’t want the third ball on her side so put it on the “caddy” during her service game. She said there is no rule that says the balls have to be on the server’s side. What are your thoughts?” Continue reading

Friendship Cup

Mont Tremblant from our hotel window

Mont Tremblant from our hotel window

This weekend was the annual Friendship Cup, played this year at the fabulous Mont Tremblant resort (almost two hours north of Montreal). It matched men and women’s teams of 34 New England men and 17 women vs. 34 Quebec men and 17 women in age groups from 40 to 80. Continue reading

Ball Machines

ball machineThere is only one good way to improve a stroke in any sport – and that is repetition, repetition, repetition. And better than any human hitting partner, a tennis ball machine is one of the best ways to get the same ball time after time.

But what is the best kind to have? Continue reading

Having a Weak Partner

Playing with Davo and Ross Case

Playing with Davo and Ross Case

How do you cope with playing with a weak doubles partner? We all have been put in that situation at some time … you go on the court for an arranged doubles match and three of you are about equal; but the partner you have been assigned is significantly weaker. What do you do? Continue reading