Match Memory

qPeople are different. Many think I have an excellent memory for all my tennis matches because I write in great detail after playing one. But that is SHORT TERM MEMORY… a couple of days after a match, my brain “flushes” those details and I draw a blank. Some of my friends and the Newk Legend pros are very different… they remember matches, games, turning points, etc. Continue reading

Thanking Our Troops Through Tennis

Dick at Eglin AFB

Dick at Eglin AFB

Most tennis players love the sport so much they are looking for ways to “give back.” Here is a real easy way to do some good and help Dick Stockton support our military and their families.

American tennis Legend Dick Stockton’s Blue Sky Foundation has developed a special program that goes to military bases around the country with volunteer professionals to teach tennis to the troops and their families, and he says it is “the most worthwhile project I have ever been involved with.” Continue reading

TV Tennis

federer-3In case you weren’t aware, the ATP World Tour Finals, with the top eight men’s singles and doubles teams started play in London this morning. Andy Murray played this morning vs. Nishakori and there is a big rematch today at 3 p.m. for The Fed vs. Raonic. Continue reading


leglessWe all have some type of physical problems… whether it be a nagging pain in the shoulder or a bad knee that really needs an operation. But there are always others who overcome obstacles to achieve success. For example, how about playing tennis without hips, legs, knees or feet?! Continue reading