Hawkeye Challenges

kokkThe Hawkeye replay system has dramatically improved watching pro tennis on TV. Gone are the days of John McEnroe throwing long-lasting temper tantrums, yelling “You cannot be serious!” over and over to the chair umpire. But the system is not yet perfected, as illustrated at Indian Wells this week. Continue reading

Let’s Chat

geo-tomsWhich tennis rule has precedence… you play at the pace of the server or you can’t serve until the returner is ready? That question came into play this weekend as Bob Wilkie and I are attempting to defend our Pelican Bay Open Doubles title against three other very solid teams. Continue reading

Mr. Big Mouth

big mouthYou rarely see him on the tournament circuit, but he is plentiful on the tennis courts… the guy who says stuff that is “just an innocent question” or “just teasing and fooling around.” He is the guy who INTENTIONALLY says something to get inside your head during a tennis match. Continue reading