Grunting By Your Neighbor

maria sCan someone on the next court complain to a referee about the grunting noise a player is making – even though it is not on their court?

This situation came up at one of the January Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tournaments. A player on “Court #1” called over a USTA official to complain that the grunting when hitting the ball on “Court #2” was interfering with his ability to focus on his game. Continue reading

Movie About Us Old Guys

Kate Dandel (Tony's D-in-law)

Kate Dandel (Tony’s D-in-law)

Thanks to Dave Wendt for sharing the story (via Fred Drilling) of this lady (pictured) who is making a movie about Super Senior Tennis players, who are striving to win a USTA Gold Ball.

It is one of those neat, boot-strap projects that will only get made with funding (e.g. contributions) from Old Guys around the country. Continue reading

The Florida Cup

trophyEach year, the USTA hosts a competition in multiple age groups between the East and West coasts of Florida. This past weekend’s matches were held at the Sarasota Bath and Racquet Club.

I was not on our 70s team, which was ably represented by Fred Drilling, Joe Bachmann, and Joe Mcaleer (who swept the four singles and one doubles matches 5-0).

Here are the results as reported by Florida Cup Commissioner, Mark Taylor,
USTA Florida (and check out who beat Roscoe Tanner!) Continue reading

Champ or Chump?

Getty Images

Getty Images

Move over Ken Flach (“The ball didn’t touch my hair.”)…
Move over Justin Henin (“I didn’t raise my hand to stop play.”)…
Move over Serena (“I’ll shove this f#$%!* ball down your throat!”).

The new King of Krap is Novak Djokovic for his actions and words at yesterday’s Sony Open. Continue reading